Experience what an exceptional delivery service can do for you

Ultimate Express is renowned for its speedy and convenient delivery services. We offer prompt delivery for all types of packages. Just tell us where you need the package(s) picked up from and the delivery location and we’ll make sure your package gets where it needs to be on time.

Adding to the convenience of our diverse services, Ultimate Express will custom create a package for your company based on your needs. What does this mean? If you need Miami delivery services beyond an occasional single pick up (e.g., gift basket companies, flower shops, etc.), Ultimate Express will work with you to develop a pricing plan to fit your business model.

Our delivery services include:

Next-day services

Schedule your package delivery the day before you need it delivered and save on rush fees. For example, if the workday is winding down and you need to have a package delivered the next morning, just let us know and we’ll get your package delivered by the time that first pot of coffee is beginning to brew.

Rush delivery service.

Sometimes a package needs immediate delivery.  Whether it is a last minute client order or dash to meet a deadline, Ultimate Express has a rush delivery service to take care of your important deliveries. When you opt for this service, your package will be treated as first-class with non-stop service to its final destination.

Small cargo.

Anyone who has tried to ship small cargo boxes knows the frustration of having to deal with the freight forwarders inconvenient locations and particular operating hours. Just because your cargo doesn’t meet minimum size requirements, doesn’t mean you have to suffer by waiting around loading docks.  If you need to ship small cargo, by air or by sea, and don’t want to deal with the freight forwarder, then you need Ultimate Express Small Cargo service.  We will pick up anywhere from one to five small boxes and delivery directly to the freight forwarder for you.  Better yet, we’ll wait to get an airway bill number to confirm package tracking.

Schedule route work.

At Ultimate Express, we work around your schedule. Our delivery services include the option of scheduled route work. If you know that a package has to be delivered on a certain day, we will schedule it into our route ahead of time. For instance, if you need to ship boxes of promotional items to an event, just give us a call and we’ll take care of the rest.

Passport service.

International travel authorizations can be a real time killer and a nuisance to your travel agency business. Let Ultimate Express ease complicated travel plans with our passport service.  Travel agents know the inconvenience of having to obtain authorization for passenger travel to certain destinations.  That’s why Ultimate Express will go to the foreign consulate to turn in passports and pertinent documents, wait for them to be stamped, and then return them to your agency.